A Line Skip Service For Bars & Clubs

Pop-In creates a new revenue stream without the headache! We guarantee no changes to your current systems and no training is required!

No Mobile App. No Change. Just Profits.

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Use Pop-In without changing your process or system

We are a line skipping service only

We all know COVID-19 had a major impact on venues nationwide, so let us help you make up for that lost revenue. With Pop-In there are no changes to your current systems, or day-to-day process, and no staff tranining is required!

  • Our System Manages Passes For You

    We have a fully functioning algorithm that manages pass pricing and availability for you. It will automatically adjust the price of each pass as the night goes on, and will limit the number of passes that can be sold per hour so you don't have another line to manage.

  • We Are Not A Mobile App

    Unlike a lot of similar services out there we aren't a mobile app, because they just cause unnecessary confusion and issues. We never want you to change your process or add new systems, so we designed a way easier website solution.

  • Easy Pass Redemption

    To redeem a pass, simply have your bouncer press the “Verify” button at the bottom of each Pop-in Pass. Once the pass is verified, it will no longer be available. No scanning system or external verification needed.

White Label under your brand

We operate completely within your existing brand meaning your logo and branding will be visible to your customers. The Pop-In service will look like your venues own system, with your logo on the custom sign and pass purchase page.

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Let us awnser all your questions in 1 minute and show you how Pop-In works.

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New Revenue Source

Don’t lose business because your line is too long, instead use it to drive more revenue and create a better customer experience.

Seamless Setup

Pop-in offers a completely seamless integration that requires no new systems or training. Simply put up your Pop-in sign in line and watch your revenue increase overnight.

It's Completely Free

Pop-in covers all costs related to promoting Pop-in Passes such as signs, brand ambassadors, and more. We’ll never send you a bill, just a weekly check!

No Changes ~ No Systems ~ No Confusion

We teach your staff to use Pop-In in less than 5 minutes!

A Pop-In representative will onboard and teach your staff the first weekend so you don't have to worry about a single thing.

We made it so easy for you

How Does Pop-In Work?

  • How to Buy A Pass

    Customers will simply scan the QR code on the sign, select the quantity of passes they want, enter payment details, then receive their pass. Passes will also be sent to the customer via email and text to insure they don’t lose their pass.

  • How to Redeem The Pass

    The customer will make their way to the front of the line for pass verification. The bouncer will verify the number of passes purchased, then press the “Bar Verification” button at the bottom redeeming the pass.


Control and View Everything Easily

View your earnings and let our algorithm manage your pass system for you. You will still have full control over your pass availability and pricing if needed.

Track Revenue, Profits, and Passes Sold

Bar Owner Dashboard

Our custom dashboard that can easily be accessed with a mobile phone, tablet, or computer. If you don't want to manage anything just let our intuative Algorithm do all the work for you.

Do you have questions

We're here to answer all your quesitons or concerns.

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we hear from other bar owners.

When the bar is at capacity, pass prices will increase exponentially based on demand, increasing your revenue. Pop-In only gets customers to the front of the line, but does not gurantee immediate entry.
No, a Pop-In Pass does not guarantee entry. You as the venue owner have every right to decide who and when a customer gets let in.
Pop-In is completely free to implement. We will never ask for a credit card or bill you. We simply take a small percentage of revenue from each pass sold.
Pop-In provides each venue with their own private dashboard that enables you to track total passes sold, total revenue, past payouts and control the full system at your bar.
We will provide your venue with a variety of promotional materials based on what will fit your specific needs. Typically an A-Frame sign in the front and back of the line is most effective. Customers will see the sign and scan a QR code. From there, they will purchase the pass via credit card and once completed they will receive their pass.
Pop-In will direct deposit/ACH all earnings from passes sold to your bank account on a weekly basis. Payouts are sent Every Monday as well as a breakdown on total passes sold and weekly analytics.
Pop-In uses a frictionless two-step button redemption method that is executed by the doorman of each venue. A customer simply presents their phone with the pass open and the doorman clicks the “Verify Pass” button. A pop up will prompt the doorman to confirm the redemption. Once confirmed the pass will no longer be valid for use.

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